Welcome and Reading List

Welcome! You seem to have found the blog of Chris Hansen. How do I know this? Well, you're here, aren't you? At this point some of you may be disputing being "here", or even digging into deep questions like "where is here  anyway?" As these sorts of questions and arguments aren't liable to lead to anything good, let's move on, shall we? Great! So first off, "Chris Hansen" is not such an uncommon name. You may be wondering which  individual of this name is the denizen of this blog. Well, I'm probably best known as the creator of FX.php . Perhaps not as well known as some things in this world, but I think it's done a fair bit of good. Hopefully there's more good yet in me. Also, as you may have guessed from my claim to fame  (such as it is), I'm a programmer by trade. Presently, I work mostly on web stuff, but I've worked with all sorts of languages on various platforms. Right now, I work from home, and you wish yo